Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Challenge - Linky at bottom of this post

This challenge works one of two ways: 
1) Submit an original poem, photo, or artwork (any medium) that relates to the challenge word of the month.  
2) Take a look at what has been submitted and draw inspiration from it and create a NEW piece of artwork based on a previous artists entry.
For detailed Rules & Regulations, please see right side bar.
If you have any questions, please post it in the comment section below.  

Begins  Friday, November 5, 12:01am (EST)- 
Ends Tuesday, November 30, 11:59pm (EST)
A new challenge will start the beginning of each month.

  November Challenge Word 
is Color

* Think "Emotion" - green with envy, red with embarrassment, rosiness of health
* Item(s) of a certain color combination identifying a school, group, organization
* Armed forces of a country, symbolized by its flag "called to colors during war"
 * Vivid, picturesque "he colored the dance with gestures from cabaret/vaudeville"
* And of course, there are the seasonal colors of Fall & Thanksgiving.
* Think outside the box.  Such a simple word.  Surprising so many variations.
POETRY THAT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED FOR THE WORD "COLOR":   (Click on title to be transported to their blog.


  1. Goodness, I don't know how it happened... but my "Surrounded By Autumn Colors" showed up in the "Labor" section instead of the "Colors" section.
    I'm sorry.

  2. Helen...I see that. It happened to me the first time and I have no idea why. I will contact McLinky tomorrow... they are very good at getting back ASAP and helping out. I will try to fix it and move it. Thanks for your patience! This is all new to me so there is a learning curve. :)

  3. Hi Margaret! I had no idea this challenge existed! As you know I am a lover of words and art so I will have to see about finding time to join your challenge!

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. As for the photo space on blogger: When you upload a photo while creating a post, down at the bottom of the "Upload Images" box it will say something like "You are currently using 346MB (33%) of your 1024MB". It takes a long time to max out their data but I seem to be doing a good job of it!

    OH, and I'm using Booksmart to make my blog book. I haven't ordered it yet, so far it's around $150 for one book! I've edited as much as I want so I guess I'll have to choke it up.

    P.S. I love your About Me description. Other than the 6 children(!) that description could have been about me!

  4. The Desert Girl - Thanks for the info. I can't wait to see what you enter.

  5. Helen, I left a message on your blog, but thought I would cover my basis. Linky had a glitch and they think it is fixed. Please resubmit your barn painting if you don't mind. (please link to the exact URL post) Also, if you would be so kind to link this challenge to your post so we can encourage others to participate or look at these works of art, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Also, I noticed when I click on your "Blue Eye.." post, it transports me to the barn painting? Did you select the wrong photo for the challenge. If you want to delete both and try both again, it should work smoothly. :)

  6. I'm sorry I've been so much trouble! I will try again with the Autumn Colors picture and hope it lands in the right space. I don't think I have the ability from my end to delete the Blue Eyes picture and start again, but here is the link that will take you directly to that post rather than just my blog in general.
    If you'd rather delete it from your end, I will do it over.
    Again, sorry.

  7. Margaret, I just wanted to let you know in case you checked that it may appear that the "Eye" link is fixed, but it's not. I had just linked it to my blog in general, not specifically to that blue eyed (I know it's kind of weird looking all bay itself!) picture entry. I put an entry with that one on top, so the general link does go to that. But, as soon as I add a new entry, it will be off again.
    Thanks for your patience.

  8. Helen - this is really no big deal - you have been awesome! Very patient. I think I will delete it from this end and you can just link it back on to the direct URL. Thanks!

  9. Hi there, I've just discovered this blog!
    I would like to participate...!! nice idea!

  10. ok, i've just read the instructions... i think i can do it! now I have to think about which photo :)

  11. Dsole, glad to have you participate and your photography blog is beautiful. You have talent with a camera!

  12. ok, I've posted a photo. It's not very original as it is the one I chose as my avatar. This photo I took it in the Canarian islands, it was a colourful graffiti I found walking by las Palmas downntown. I liked it very much, hope you like it too :)

  13. Oh Dsole, I do! If all graffiti were as beautiful, what a beautiful world we would live in. Thank you for the contribution!

  14. Hi Margaret - well I skidded in just before the deadline of the 30th! I added a painting I did for Calypso of The Artist - just love the colors throughout the image & thought it would work well here also.

  15. Skid in anytime. I love your take on this challenge. Isn't an artist always surrounded by tubes of color, thoughts of color... Love this " in-the-moment" capture. Thank you!

  16. Sophia - I LOVE the candy photo- I tried to comment on your site, but I was so confused as to how. It didn't seem to want to let me... Thank you for participating!