Monday, April 4, 2011

In The Moment - A Photography, Art, Poetry & Writing Challenge #7

Welcome to "In the Moment" challenge for April 2011.

Please use the challenge word below to spark your creativity.

You may use the above image, but please keep to the word theme of the month.
Feel free to copy the above image to your blog if you like. 
Remember, once entries start rolling in, you may also use them for inspiration
For Example:
If a poem or story inspires you to draw or paint, please do!
If a piece of artwork inspires a poem or story, please create!
 Do remember to give the inspiring piece and person credit when you post to your blog. 

April Challenge Word:



  1. Thank you. Looking at it now, it is crooked. I will have to go in and straighten it.

  2. i accidentally entered the poem title "golden dreams" instead of my blog title 'haiku love songs.'thank you for the prompt.

  3. Margaret, What a beautiful picture of sunflowers-- the Kansas state flower. Just wanted to say I hope all is well with you in NC-the storms there did a lot of damage (sounds more like Kansas weather than NC weather). Hope you were not in the path of any of it. My prayers are with the people that were in the middle of it all. Take care. Mickie :)

  4. Yes, we are fine, Mickie, thanks. I watched the clouds roll over our heads. And they say more are coming this week... Quite a "powerful" spring!